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          About Us
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          Welcome to SIMAI Surveying Instrument

          HEFEI SIMAI SURVEYING INSTRUMENT CO., LTD is a professional R & D and manufacturing high-tech enterprises of surveying instruments. Such as: Calibration Station, GPS Receiver, Marine Instruments, Total Station, and Theodolite, 3D Laser Scanner, UAV, etc. It is our mission to supply the stable, reliable and advanced products to our customers. Our technical solutions and products cover GPS/GLONASS/BDS receivers, multi-system navigation and positioning, high accuracy surveying, and GNSS data post-processing.

          Our development team has been considerably aware of the missing technical and administrative features of the current available products on the market. This valuable knowledge has been to full extent been incorporated in the SIMAI range of positioning products. A deep knowledge of market and technologies, joined together with an unbeatable professional expertise, allow SIMAI to offer a variety of top quality services, to satisfy any kind of pre-sales and post-sales need.

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