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          CSF5TM Floor Mapping Equipment Calibration Station

          Four parallel light pipe (Three parallel light pipe:Vertical shaft angle, Horizontal angle, Angle of depression) (A vertical parallel light pipe of the lifting work table)
          The length of parallel light pipe barrel : 565mm
          Effective aperture: 55mm
          Focal length: 550mm
          Precision( Reticle lattice value): 20”???? Precision( Reticle lattice value): 20” ?Precision( Reticle lattice value): 20”
          Elevating stage of the maximum working range(including optical path
          Magnification ratio: 5.7~7 times
          Angle of view: 10° 20′
          Resolution: 3″
          Calibration table size:198high×110length×40wide(cm)
          Total weight: 240kg??? Visual range: 15~30cm
          Base circular bubble leveling instrument: △≤8″/2mm
          Collimating micro actuator long leveling instrument: △≤10′
          Power supply voltage: 3.4~4.2V 2.1W
          Switching power supply: I=10A
          Lighting: Cold light source(The intensity of trimming)


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