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          About Us
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          M8 GNSS RTK
          M8 is a high-accuracy multi-frequency multi-satellite RTK intelligent mapping system, applying to different fields such as electric power, transportation, agriculture, forestry, national land. With advanced positioning technologies, it can track all visible GPS, GLONASS, COMPASS satellite signals very fast and keep in a stable performance, so as to achieve accurate, effective, reliable RTK survey.?
          Based on the self-developed software, its powerful GIS function enables M8 to collect GIS data but in RTK high accuracy. Furthermore, the 1GB high-speed processor in PDA and the strong kernel of the software make it easy to load 10GB image or hundred MB vector map as background, which make M8 to be a perfect for your field survey work.
          Features and Advantages

          ●??Support GPS、GLONASS、Compass、Galileo
          ●? ?Support WASS、EGNOS、MSAS、GAGAN
          ●??Fast initialization and satellite tracking technology
          ●?Seamless compatible with various CORS/VRS system
          ●?Stable 1cm(horizontal) RTK
          ●?2.5mm±1ppm (horizontal) for post-processing accuracy for long baseline static network?
          ●??powerful self-developed software makes GNSS RTK+GIS collection in one
          ●??1GB high-speed processor in PDA and strong software kernel, enable 10GB image or hundred MB vector map as background loading very fast?
          ●??Dual power supply + assistant battery design, the largest battery capacity in the field, supporting at least 12 hours continuous CORS RTK or 18 hours static survey
          ●??Built-in transmitting and receiving UHF, 3G/GSM, Bluetooth
          ●??Multiple data storage: internal NANDFLASH and MicroSD, external USB port for U disc extension (up?? to 64G)
          ●??One key base setup
          ●??Completely exchangeable base and rover
          ●??Intelligent error diagnosis and voice broadcast function

          M8 series application


          ●??High accuracy RTK measurement
          ●??High accuracy wide range controlling measurement
          ●??Construction lofting
          ●??Various industry data acquisition
          ●??High accuracy water measurement
          ●??Electric power, transportation, agriculture, forestry and land
          ●??Applying to electric power, transportation, agriculture, forestry, national land


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